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Some Reasons Why Artificial Flowers Are Better Than Real Ones This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so you might be thinking what to get Mum for the special day! Of course, you can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but this year, why not ditch the real ones and try something different instead? When March 11th rolls round, why not buy artificial blooms that will literally last a life time! It’s no surprise to us that even Vogue highlighted the increasing appeal of artificial flowers (Why it’s time to reconsider #FakeFlowers)

Still not convinced as to why artificial flowers are a better gift for Mum than real ones? Read on to find out why there’s more to faux flowers than you think.

1. It’s a gift that keeps on giving

We all agree that a bouquet of fresh flowers is really pretty but even if you take care of them really well, keep them in a cool dark spot, change the water every day they may last you just over a week. After that they’re headed for the compost heap. Not so with artificial flowers which are so much more about home décor, a decorative item in their own right. Mum can hang a beautifully crafted #giftWreath anywhere in the house to brighten up a dark corner, or use it as a welcoming door hanging and then, on a special occasion reuse it as a table arrangement with a luxury chunky candle. It’ll always be a talking point as well as an everlasting reminder of such a thoughtful gift.

2. Value for Money

Artificial flowers are not cheap. Yes, you can buy the more economical foam flowers but the artificial flowers we’re talking about here are the most realistic, beautifully designed flowers available. Real flower prices do increase during this season – not because a florist is trying to make a quick buck – but because wholesale prices increase as demand increases. It’s simple economics. Faux flowers are not affected by these price hikes which means you can always get gorgeous flowers at the right price with the added bonus that they last forever.

3. Allergies

Being allergic to fresh flowers doesn’t mean Mum can’t enjoy the beauty of some fabulous blooms in her home. Hay fever sufferers can enjoy artificial flowers throughout the year. How about changing the display every couple of months to reflect the seasonal changes and availability of real flowers? Real touch artificial flowers such as a bowl planter of exquisite white Phalaenopsis orchids or a bunch of white Tulips - means that Mum will truly enjoy the full flower experience – without the sniffles.

4. Favourite Flowers

Particular types of flowers hold a special place in peoples' hearts. Is your Mum’s favourite flower a frothy Peony that evokes a special memory? Or perhaps a striking Delphinium used in her wedding flowers? These summer flowers are not so easy to find in early March and if you can find forced greenhouse blooms at this time of year, they certainly won't be showing at their natural best. Yet Mum can still enjoy her preferred choice when using faux flowers and at anytime of the year. If the scent of the flower is important then perhaps it's better to wait for them to come into season. Of course, you can always mix fresh and faux flowers together to make your real flowers go further. A scented rose, mixed with some delightful faux foliage works as a perfect combination to create a sumptuous bouquet and all Mum or you have to do is replace the roses every week or so.

Here at Auburn Interiors we believe that #artificialflowers are just as beautiful as their real-life counterparts. As experienced florists who understand flowers we know that as long as you buy quality faux blooms, you will love them. And your Mum will love the fact that they last longer and can be used in a variety of ways when you gift her some for this #MothersDay on March 11th! Why not try something different and choose from our fabulous range of faux flowers?

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